David Brauer Audio

David Brauer Audio

Want to make intense music? Let's talk about your vision!


These are my main services, but of course I can do more for you. Hit me up to talk about what you need!


I'll take your raw tracks and shape them into an exciting, musical mix that flows and moves. Aggressive and dense, wide and open, I'll deliver whatever vision you have for your music!


Transparent and dynamic or ridiculously over-the-top loud, whatever you have in mind for your music - I'll give your mix the final polish it needs to be competitive (or beyond).


If you're located in or around Leipzig, we can record together - from drums to vocals, everything's possible. For remote work, I can coach you to make the most of your recording situation!

Songwriting Help

Your music is almost there, but you want a touch more? Song structure analysis, post production, more expressive drum programming, let's make sure your song is the best it can be!



  • “Every Step” and “Monster” by Eral — additional drum programming, mix and master by me
  • The snippet by Ready For Damnation is a pre-release preview of their upcoming releases, already hosted with their kind permission — additional drum programming, postproduction, mix and master by me
  • The snippet by Graf Qual is taken from their release “व​ै​न​े​स​ा म​े​स​र /​​​/ ​Hunter’s Myanmar Textil“. It was recorded as full band performances with guitar and vocal overdubs — recording , mix and master by me
  • “To My Brother” by Closer To You — additional drum programming, postproduction, mix and master by me
  • This version of “Your Own Shadow” is a preproduction version I did with the band. The drums were recorded by Dorian Neidhardt. The final production and mix were done by Martin Mayr at Sound Revolt Studio. — mix and master by me
  • “Insomnia” by Orphanvs is an all-virtual-instruments preproduction — instrument programming, mix, and master by me
  • The track “The Miasma Of Myth” is used with permission by Slamadeus and URM Academy. The original production and mix were done by Ryan Wolanski. This new mix is an unofficial version and not on the actual release. — mix and master by me
  • “Tyrant” by Krumm is a full-band recording of my old blackened stonerdoom band I did in our small rehearsal room — recording, mix and master (and filming) by me
  • The drum cover is just that — playing, recording, mix and master (of my drums only of course) by me


“Working with David is always a pleasure. Be it creative exchange, spontaneous help with technical issues, questions about my podcast, writing drums, or of course all things mixing and mastering. You can rely on him doing great work and trust that you are in good hands. I'm excited for our future collaborations!”
“The collaboration with David was incredibly good! We spent hours together to find my perfect individual sound. He worked passionately with me on my songs to bring out the best in them. I am more than satisfied with the mixing and mastering result, and I plan to continue producing my songs with him in the future!”
Raphael Hürler (Eral)
“My band Pathwalker has been working with David for years, and we are more than thrilled with his work! With his preproduction, guidance and songwriting suggestions, he always helped us gain a better vision of our songs and make them the best they can be. We also need his expertise for mixing songs that we use for our live shows to captivate the audience. With David's help, it works wonderfully! We are always ready to collaborate with him again.”
Sebastian Meier (Pathwalker)

Contact Me

Interested in working with me? Hit me up through the contact form and let’s talk! :)